Pet Parent’s Guide to Seasonal Dog Allergies: Symptoms and Remedies
Your dog probably loves taking trips to the dog park and playing in the backyard with the family. You may notice that when your pup gets to spend extra time outside that he scratches or bites himself. Or, maybe his eyes are red and watery.

Like humans, dogs can have seasonal allergies as a result of an overactive immune system. Rather than viewing an environmental allergen as a normal, non-harmful substance, the immune system views it as a threat. This triggers an allergic reaction in dogs.

Common environmental allergens or substances that dogs can be allergic to include pollens from trees and grasses, flowers, dust mites, fleas, and molds.

What are the symptoms?

External dermatology issues are a normal reaction for dogs that have seasonal allergies. They may lick, bite, or scratch themselves. Look for signs of irritation, redness and inflammation around their eyes, face, ears, feet, and skin. An itchy back or tail is often a sign of flea allergies.

Pets that suffer from allergies are more susceptible to ear infections, hot spots (extremely red skin), and even bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. If you suspect your dog has an allergy, it’s important to talk with your veterinarian right away to reduce the risk of infection. Fortunately, there are products to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

What products can help treat seasonal allergies in dogs?

Because most allergy symptoms for dogs are dermatological issues, topical solutions are designed to reduce inflammation. Use an anti-lick paw spray to reduce excessive paw licking.

Try a shampoo to protect the skin without causing irritation or dryness. Choose a shampoo that’s specifically designed for dogs with itchy, dry skin caused by seasonal allergies.

Not all pets can use products that contain hydrocortisone. If your dog is sensitive to the medication, try Zymox’s hydrocortisone free ear solution. And, the same product works on cats and other pets too!

In addition to these products, prevention is also important to keep your pup happy and healthy. Choose products that can reduce the risk of an allergic reaction or minimize symptoms. Products like K9 Granola Factory’s flea and tick chewables are an organic, safe way to prevent fleas and ticks. Use coconut oil to keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy while also reducing inflammation caused by allergic reactions.

While you may notice your dog scratching or biting during early spring, look for signs of seasonal allergies throughout the year. Take preventative measures when possible. If you do suspect that he suffers from severe seasonal allergies, speak with your veterinarian before symptoms worsen. Your vet will be able to provide medication to ease the symptoms your dog is experiencing.

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