Road Tripping with your Pet

Bringing Fido or Fluffy along for the ride this summer may sound good, but it can become overwhelming as you start to plan. The White Dog Bone team has gathered all the information you may need for a road trip strategy. Planning, packing, and enjoying the ride will all help you have a great pet-filled vacation!

Planning for your Pet Road Trip

Creating an enjoyable trip for both you and your pet begins before you pull out of the driveway. Properly planning your travel will help you avoid hiccups and make your pet completely comfortable.

Mapping out your journey and planning for stops every 2-3 hours will help you avoid having to pull over on the side of a highway for a pet bathroom break. Double check that your destination allows pets and knows that you’ll be bringing one with.

Trial runs are a great way to practice before you take your pet on the road. Take a short drive with your pet just to see how they react to the situation. If your pet gets carsick easily, a trip to the vet may help you find a medication or calming remedy to alleviate some of these symptoms.

Purchase all the supplies you might need to travel with your pet ahead of time. If you need a new crate to secure in the car, purchase it at least a month before so your pet has time to get used to the new item. Check your food and medication levels and order more if you will be running low before your departure date. Confirm your pet’s identification tag and consider getting them microchipped for emergency. We also suggest adding another ID tag with contact information for where you’re traveling.

Packing for Your Pet

Gathering all the things you’ll need ahead of time is very important when traveling with a pet. We suggest starting a month early to avoid last minute packing.  

  • Divide food into sandwich bags and bring extra just in case.
  • Store bottle watered so your pet gets consistent hydration without an upset stomach from possible contaminates in water at rest stops.
  • Pack several different treats that are non-messy and easy to feed. We suggest a sterilized bone or bully stick for dogs, they last a long time!
  • Find food solutions that travel well Dog Food Rolls. They are super convenient and can be cut up for easy distribution.
  • Purchase a few specialty car items such as water or food bowls and a kennel.
  • Bring a few toys and a blanket or small bed they use at home to create a sense of stability and reduce stress.
  • Consider packing LennyPads. These ultra-absorbent and reusable pads line crates and mop up any nervous accidents.
  • Test out their crate before leaving. Having a place for your pet to lay and stand that is anchored down in the car is extremely important to avoid crashes or injury.

Road Trip Tips

The car is packed, and it’s time to head out! As your trip begins it’s important to keep several things in mind to ensure both your pet and family members safety. Exercise your animal before hopping in the car to help them destress and tire out. Knowing your route ahead of time means you can plan for the next bathroom break. Keep your list readily available always for reference.

Secure your pet’s kennel and do not let them roam around the car. Roaming can cause distracted driving and lead to injury or death for all passengers. Bring a few extra toys to calm him down when he begins to feel stressed out. Do not place the crate in the front passenger seat, as this is an extremely dangerous area for him to be in.

Take bathroom or litter box breaks when you can and keep feeding to a minimum. Avoid giving them non-pet treats like a fast food burger and keep their food consistent as you would at home. Do not leave your pet in a parked car on days with extreme temperatures. Always check on them every 15 minutes to provide hydration if necessary. If you’re alone, consider bringing a friend to help keep your pet and yourself happy throughout the trip.

We hope that your summer trips are full of fun and joy as you bring your pet with you! A little extra planning and preparation on your part can increase the comfort of all passengers.

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