The Puppy Checklist Every Pet Owner Needs
Bringing home a new furry member of the family is exciting and overwhelming! It's important to have the right supplies. But how can you make sure you have everything you need for a new puppy? And, how do you know which pet brands to trust?

When it comes to puppy ownership, most people know to buy the basics: crate, collar, leash, and bed. Crates are great for providing a safe space for your pup and preventing accidents, while a dog bed can make your puppy feel comfortable during those first few nights at his new home. And of course, you need a collar and leash to take the puppy out for potty breaks and walks.

But what about items that promote your dog's health and wellbeing, and keep you sane while you and your pup adjust to life together? Here are some overlooked items that you should definitely put on your checklist!

Nutritious Food

Naturally, you know that your puppy needs to eat, but with so many different brands competing for your attention, it can be hard to choose. From the minute you bring your new puppy home, you want to give it the very best to make sure they grow into a healthy adult dog. Because food is the source of life and energy for all living things, your preferred pet food is made from the highest quality ingredients. Carna4 food is 100% synthetic-free, bursting with live enzymes and probiotics. It’s made with antibiotic-free raw meat, whole produce, and sprouted organic seeds—perfect for a growing pup!

Also, don’t forget that puppies can be messy! Food and water bowls that don’t slip are important for preventing mealtime messes.


All puppies deserve to be rewarded and treats are part of that reward/satisfaction process. They’re also an important tool for training. Choose a treat that is natural and USA manufactured. While treats are great for training and teaching your puppy new tricks, they should only account for 10% of your puppy’s caloric intake.

K9 Granola Factory manufactures an extensive line of treats offering both crunchy and soft textures, depending on your pup’s preference. Spoil your pup with a K9 Granola Factory Puppy Box. It offers three perfect treat selections and is guaranteed to please every puppy. It also makes a wonderful gift for new friends or family that are new pet owners!

Plato is another treat brand that we stand behind. Their grain free treats will keep your puppy’s tail wagging.

Indoor Training Pad

If you’ve had a puppy before, you know they tend to have a few accidents as they are housebreaking. Puppy pads are great for both accidents and pets that refuse to go outside in inclement weather. Lenny Pads are a USA-manufactured and eco-friendly indoor training pad. With Lenny Pads, you don’t need disposables, newspapers, or towels because one washable Lenny Pad replaces hundreds of disposables. Good for you, good for your pet, and good for the world we live in!  

Stain Remover

Even with indoor training pads, your pup is still likely to have a few accidents in the house or in their crate. Pet parents are often dedicated to cleaning their new fur child’s crate and toys, but imagine what chemicals your pet could be licking or chewing on if you use stain removers that contain harmful ingredients. Shop for brands that use natural, quality ingredients. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your cleaning products are safe for the environment, you, and your pet.

Enzymatic cleaners are often recommended for pet stains. Wee Away is a family of natural stain removing agents. Be Gone is one of Wee Away’s products, which is an aerosol with a concentrated blend of enzymes and d-limonene. Green Tea is a powerful stain remover specifically designed for vomit, feces and urine, but emits a pleasing green tea scent. Finally, the Crate, Cage and Toy Cleaner is ideal for pet stains on surfaces that your pet frequently uses. 

For large spots or stains, use a paper towel in conjunction with pet stain removers to blot.


Puppies love to play! Toys are wonderful for mental stimulation, teething, or simply keeping them occupied. And, they are fun to buy! It is best to choose toys that are somewhat durable and are an appropriate size. Observe your puppy during play. If a toy is ripped to shreds (it probably will be), you don’t want your pup getting at a squeaker or ingesting small pieces of a toy. 
Puppies should also have chew toys for teething. It’s natural for them to want to gnaw and chew, so having safe toys to do so is a must. Plus, chew toys are a great way to get out all that puppy energy. Benebone makes a chicken flavored dog chew with a patented design that makes it easy for dogs to chew. Tuffy and Hugglehounds make toys designed for the toughest chewers. 

Many chew toys are also good for dental health, like Ruff Dawg Dental Dog Chew, a USA-manufactured dog bone that provides chewing enjoyment.

Plush dog toys with squeakers are a favorite for dogs of all ages, as the squeaking sound is reminiscent of prey. GoDog and Hugglehounds make adorable toys that are also durable. Again, with plush toys, it’s important to buy toys that can withstand tugging and pulling. If stuffing comes out of the toy, replace the toy. You don’t want your puppy near the stuffing, since they might eat it and this could be a choking hazard.

To make it easy to shop for your new puppy, we created this puppy checklist of 5 must-have products. You can download and print this checklist to have on hand as you stock up on these essential items. 

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