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PetLock 6 Month Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs, Small

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PetLock Collar for dogs provide season long control of fleas and ticks. These collars are water resistant, weatherproof and adjust for the perfect fit. PetLock collars contain the same active ingredient, Deltamethrin, used in Scalibor Collars and are a fraction of the cost.

PetLock six month collar for dogs provides effective control of fleas for up to 6 months, including those that may transmit flea allergy dermatitis, flea bite anemia and tapeworm. Fleas that are on your dog and present in the dog's environment WILL BE KILLED.

PetLock six month collar for dogs kills adult ticks that may transmit lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis for at least 6 months when worn continuously.

Why Flea & Tick?
Pets are part of the family! For pet owners, the health and well being of their furry friends are a huge concern, especially during the warmer months. In addition to insect's painful bites, fleas, ticks & mosquitoes transmit illnesses like lyme disease & heartworm disease. This is where PetLock come into play! 

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