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Carna4 CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks Dog Biscuits
CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks Dog Biscuits

Carna4 CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks Dog Biscuits

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CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks are wholesome treats made from only sprouted seeds, fresh liver, fava bean and sweet potato! A great way to keep your dog really healthy with food-based, synthetic-free, grain-free nutrition, plus they taste great! CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks contain guaranteed levels of live probiotics (17 billion cfu/kg) and enzymes (1 million U/kg); effective doses of 21 essential vitamins & minerals; and high levels of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids – all from true food ingredients. These nutrition-dense biscuits are a treat and supplement all in one! Feed a handful of Carna Flora biscuits to your dog each day to supply intense levels of live nutrients, bioavailable vitamins & minerals, all from fresh, synthetic-free whole foods. A perfect complement to Raw diets or a great improvement to the daily nutrition of dogs eating processed foods. Our biscuits can be fed daily to supply the nutrients, probiotics and enzymes your dog needs in addition to a regular raw diet. Or simply to make sure that your dog is getting food-based vitamins & minerals no matter what commercial diet you are currently feeding. We want you to try synthetic-free Carna4! Sprouted seeds are Nature’s Super-food and we put them into every product we make. Sprouted seeds have been ‘woken up’ and allowed to begin germination. Foods made from sprouted seeds possess all of the nutrients and energy that enables a small seed to become a strong plant. Sprouting frees the unavailable nutrition locked away in dormant seeds and, by a process of natural transmutation, they acquire improved digestibility and multiplied nutrients – an average nutrition boost of 14 times!
Brand: Carna4
Product Size: 16-oz bag

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