Toys are fantastic and a super fun way to entertain your dog and solve a variety of problems. Toys can help alleviate boredom, stimulate exercise, and avoid bad habits like chewing or barking.

Knowing just what toy will work for your dog can be quite a challenge with so many colorful fun toys to choose from. Our team is here to help make things a little bit easier when purchasing new toys! Follow along as we break down what to buy and our favorite selection.

Puppies Under 3 Months

Toys play an integral part in a young puppies life they comfort, promote curiosity and growth. Soft plush toys like the Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal or HuggleHounds Tufft Moose Flattie are a great way to comfort puppies when they first leave their siblings and mother. Their soft interior and exterior are perfect for cuddling and play.

Softer rubber toys are a perfect way to help puppies work out their urge to chew. We suggest using softer rubber toys like the Kong Puppy Binkie as they will last long without hurting their puppy teeth. Look for labels that indicate the rubber is for puppies to guide your purchase.

Toys with lots of squeakers and interesting parts are a good way to promote curiosity with your pup and entertain them. GoDog Fat White Rooster is an excellent example of this with three squeakers and mylar crinkle for endless fun.

Puppies Over 3 Months

Teething is a major exciting step in your pups life as their adult teeth start to come in. During this time chewing is a major problem for many pet owners. We suggest toys like Petstages Barbell Chew and Ruff Dawg’s RuffBone as chew toys rather than your favorite pair of shoes.

Puppies are known for their endless stamina and may wear you out before they need a nap. Toys that allow for lots of interaction and play are great for this age. Canine Hardware’s ChuckIt Ball Launcher system will give you the chance to run and play with your pup for hours on end.

Rough Dogs

For all the rough players we have a few solutions to constant toy replacement. Rope pulls are a great option for pups who tend to chew on toys. The many layers may fray over time but take a while for dogs to destroy. HuggleHounds Rope Knotties has additional hands and feet made from leather that will add to the fun without coming off easily. Tuffy toys is another brand that rates their products based on durability. A toy with a 9 or 10 will last your tough lover for a while as they are some of the most durable toys on the market.

Rubber toys are another long-lasting toy. KONG is known for their long-term products and customized strength levels. We suggest their Extreme line as it is ultra-strong for powerful chewers.

Dogs with Behavioral Problems

If your dog exhibits a few behavioral problems toys can be an easy solution. Dogs who dig or destroy things when bored are in need of a creative distraction. We suggest trying a toy like Jolly Pets Teaser Ball which not only floats but is incredibly durable and will distract your dog. KONG’s Interactive Gyro will engage dogs with treats teaching them problem solving skills.

Dogs who deal with separation anxiety typically just need a distraction for the 20 minutes after you leave. Toys that hide treats are great for this. KONG’s Classic Toy is perfect to fill with peanut butter, treats, and other items. They can be frozen as well to add an extra level of difficulty.

Senior Dogs

Similar to puppies, senior dogs require much softer toys to play with. Options like the Petlou Ball and Jumbo Bone are softer alternatives of the toys your dog may play with on a regular basis. 

Senior dogs still love to fetch and interact with their toys. As they may not move as far as they used to, fetching inside can become the new norm. Soft fetch toys like Charming Pet Longidudes and Mighty Dog Nature Duck mimic normal fetching objects but are gentle on your furniture and floor. Keeping play time short and allowing for recovery time in between throws will allow your older dog friend to rest without pain.

Shop our collection of dog toys from White Dog Bone, and let us know which toy is your pup’s favorite!